Adobe Finally Adds…

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 finally implements the “Ken Burns” effect to simulate motion during photo slide shows. Apple’s iPhoto slide show wowed my friends for years with no Adobe equivalent. I can only speculate that Adobe didn’t implement such Apple like features as a competitive courtesy. At last, I can tell my friends that panning and zooming (i.e. the “Ken Burns” effect) are now possible with Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.

Adobe to acquire Macromedia

Adobe to acquire Macromedia – This is smart move for both companies. Their product lines are complementary and will benefit the entire creative industry. The marketing done by both companies is exemplary (strategic and product). Although Microsoft’s Office suite is important to the office professional, creative professionals demand better graphics, web, media, and publishing tools. This software merger will drive industry demand for 64-bit multi-core processors, many gigabytes of memory, and vast storage arrays.