Tunes in Motion

This goes to my friends who I’ve had Apple, Podcast, and marketing chats with recently. Like you, I’ve been quite fascinated with the iPod and iTunes as you have (marketing, branding, total market domination, lifestyle, etc.). Version 5 now supports Podcasts. Steve Jobs presentation of the new versions is worth a fascinating look at Apple Special Events 05 . It takes about 30 min (Nice to see such great video quality over broadband). Interesting data that 30% of automotive OEMs are including iPod capability standard.

Buying music online? Great! Me too… from,, and even I can finally get quality recordings that are correctly tagged and digitally remastered. I’ve deleted thousands of songs from online downloads and hard drive sharing – I’ve just learned the hard way that more than 10,000 songs is too hard to manage. More focus to my favorite genres better suites the situation.

I’m writing to share a couple of pseudo-secrets:

* Download your songs and albums and burn them as an ordinary audio CD, asap. This not only creates a CD backup of your purchase, buy also allows you to re-rip the songs back in .mp3.

* Although iTunes is the interface of choice for iPod, MusicMatch is still a superior product for managing your library existing library.

* MusicMatch has a new feature called “Super Tagging” which allows for the automatic online lookup and fix for all the songs/ID3 tags in your library. This includes adding album cover artwork in to your ID3 tags – the automation is just amazing!! It’s a testament to centralized computing.

* As you’ve found, an iPod is much easier to use when your library is correctly tagged. Now, with the newer Nano pod, adding album artwork to the tags is all the rage to get those nostalgic neurons re-fired.

As for the tunes, I’ve found myself torn between tired ole’ 70’s high school music or unfamiliar 00’s hip hop. Come on, admit it, you too??? To fix the dilemma and pretend I’m cool in my mid-life, I’ve sampled a number of streaming stations and found the Energy X station very interesting.

Also, try the iTunes New Music Tuesday podcast. It’s just great – you’ll love it. Also notice there’s something about mass marketing to people on Tuesday… Hmmm, inner secrets to human behavior…